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Interactive Detective Books

The books in the Julie and Wooly series aren’t just for reading, there’s so much more hidden beneath their surface to uncover. These books include additional activities aimed at helping Julie and Wooly  mysterious case by drawing a facial composite sketch, picking out clues, and finding or marking things up in the illustrations. The clues hidden in the books will help your child conduct the investigation alongside the book characters. Your child will become a detective while reading! They will learn logical thinking, deduction, association of facts, and concentration skills.

The Mysterious World of Feelings

Thanks to the adventures of Julie and Wooly, your child will experience emotions that young children feel often and sometimes quite intensely: anger and helplessness, joy and sadness, impatience and understanding, as well as shame and courage. Along with the characters in the book, your child will learn how to name feelings, accept those feelings, and how to react to them. This will help children figure out why feelings arise and how they can be solved.

Spending Time Together

Spend time with your children—preferably with a book! Not just any book, but a detective book that is both educational and entertaining. This is a wise way for parents to bond with their children. After all, time spent together matters the most to your kid!

Are kindergarteners too young to read detective books?

Not at all! They can successfully solve detective riddles with the Julie and Wooly series. Children are very inquisitive (they constantly ask questions) plus they like to discover, investigate, and check out new things. In fact, they do what detectives do on a daily basis.


Maya Strzałkowska

Hi, it’s the Mom of Julie and Wooly (and two real-life kids too) here! I am an imperfect mother who has finally figured out that motherhood is a constant search for creative ways to solve both everyday and uncommon problems. I have also learned that there is no reason to be afraid of making mistakes, as they are a natural part of the learning process. On top of that, I have also discovered that motherhood is a lot like detective work. I share these findings with you through my blog #ParentsAfterHours and #HassleFreeDay (every Wednesday on social media). I like to use my posts as a reminder that giving oneself and the world a bit of distance plus a sense of humor is the only way to keep balance in life.

I am a writer who creates children’s books inspired by my personal experiences, my children’s adventures, and my own childhood. My exuberant imagination helps me make it all happen.

I am a self-publisher since I like to have a lot on my plate! And there’s no point in denying that I get tremendous satisfaction out of it.

I am a wife to a husband who supports me through it all and I am a Mom who likes allkiddos –big and small. I love to make people laugh, occasionally talk the talk (but without exaggeration!), and above all, help people.

You can read about how the adventure of the Julie and Wooly series began here.

Daniel Włodarski

A children’s book with no illustrations simply does not exist. It is illustrations that draw a child’s attention, teach aesthetics and sensitivity to beauty, and stimulate the imagination. At the same time, they offer respite so that kids can better concentrate on the plot of the book.

Daniel’s illustrations are just that: colorful, vivid, and cheerful without too many details that prevent young readers from being unnecessarily distracted. Illustrations immediately catch a child’s eyewhile complementing the overall plot.

Get to know the co-creator of Julie and Wooly here.